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Stročyca (Aziarco). źLakes╗ sector

Stročyca (Aziarco) - travel guide - photos and attractions

The first written mention: 1587

Spelling variations:
в­ţ¸ű÷Ó (└š ­÷ţ) в­ţ¸Ŕ÷Ó (╬šň­÷ţ) Stroczyca (Ozierce) Stročyca (Aziarco) Strochitsa Strochica Ozertso Ozerco Stroczyce Stroczyca Aziarco Jeziorce

53░ 49'13.73"N, 27░ 21'50.19"E

What to see:

Stročyca (Aziarco). : Places of interest | selected photos

Stročyca (Aziarco).   źCentral Belarus╗ sector

Stročyca (Aziarco). źCentral Belarus╗ sector Photo © ╩. ěÓ˝˛ţó˝ŕ│

Stročyca (Aziarco).   źDniapro╗ sector

Stročyca (Aziarco). źDniapro╗ sector Photo © ╩. ěÓ˝˛ţó˝ŕ│

Stročyca (Aziarco).   źLakes╗ sector

Stročyca (Aziarco). źLakes╗ sector Photo © ╩. ěÓ˝˛ţó˝ŕ│