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Spelling variations:
Мажэйкава (Малае) Можейково (Малое) Możejków Mały Mažejkava (Małaje) Мажэйкаў Малы Малае Мажэйкава Mazhejkava Malaje Mozhejkowo Mozhejkovo Male Mozejkowo Mazhejkau Maly

53° 43'15.89"N, 24° 59'3.74"E

What to see:

Mažejkava (Małaje). : Places of interest | selected photos

Mažejkava (Małaje).  Manor of Romer

Mažejkava (Małaje). Manor of Romer (> 1775) Photo © Mariusz Proskień

Mažejkava (Małaje).  In the village

Mažejkava (Małaje). In the village Photo © Mariusz Proskień